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Living with CKD

Adjusting to the reality that you have chronic kidney disease (CKD) requires a major change in perspective and lifestyle. Here we chat to five people living with CKD to find out what gives them inspiration for the journey.

‘I didn’t see it coming’

Nicola Rijsdijk, mother of Brodie, 12

‘The day I first heard the words “renal failure” was when I took Brodie to have an ultrasound at the paediatrician’s request. The radiologist kept scanning his abdomen, and then asked me, ‘Do you know if he has his right kidney?’ Eventually, she called in her senior and he found the kidneys, but they were very small and indistinct. 

‘The next day my husband and I saw the paediatric nephrologist and he sat us down and said, “I’m very sorry to tell you this, but your son has chronic kidney disease.” We were shocked. We hadn’t seen it coming. Brodie was small for his age and tired easily, but other than that, he was a perfectly normal child. We look forward to the future with the help of available treatment.’

‘I’ve learnt to embrace change’

Tony Curtis, 67

‘Thinking that my days might be numbered, I made up my mind to accept my new life. Acceptance has eased the stress of the weekly dialysis, as I realised I am truly blessed to be as fit as I am. Dialysis is a small price to pay for a second chance at life. If I follow the rules, I should be able to survive. 

‘I can’t run any more, but swimming helps tremendously. My entire body responds to this exercise. Fluid intake is probably the biggest challenge, as I was a teapot and consumed a large amount of water daily. I still miss my red wine.’

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‘Kidney disease has taught me so many things’

Jessica Ngulube, 42

‘Kidney disease has taught me that life is precious. I have learnt how to live healthily and to avoid things that are bad for me. Even though I am sick, it doesn’t mean that I don’t have hope for the future. I know one day I will get a kidney and be well again and hold my grandchild in my arms.’

‘I still lead a normal life’

Tony Mylroie, 70

 ‘I was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease when I was 60. I’m too old for a transplant, so I’ve learnt to live with dialysis. I haven’t had to make too many adjustments, though. I still play golf and I live for my family. They give me hope.’

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