Clinical and support functions

Our commitment to providing high-quality care and personal attention to each of our patients extends into every facet of our daily work. We have a network of support functions which feed into this commitment.

Nursing operations

Our nurses are known for their gentle, thoughtful and compassionate nursing care, supported by the most effective nursing practices and nursing management and leadership programmes.

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Our wide range of pharmacy services are provided by compassionate pharmacists in world-class pharmacies. We also offer training opportunities for pharmacists and pharmacist’s assistants.

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Our approach to quality is one of the things that sets us apart: we believe in excellence in clinical care and service delivery, underpinned by compassionate, personal care with patients at the centre.

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The end-to-end procurement of outsourced services, equipment and consumables, as well as clinical engineering.

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Business development

Opportunities to develop new facilities and new lines of business and clinical products to better serve our patients.

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Out-of-hospital services

All the information you need about Life Nkanyisa, Life College of Learning and Life Health Solutions.

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