Partnering with South Africa’s finest vendors helps us to bring our patients the most positive experience while they’re in our care.

When we choose our vendors, environmental sustainability has an effect on our decisions because we understand that our impact on the environment is far-reaching. We are always interested in partnering with EMEs (Exempt Micro Enterprises) and QSEs (Qualifying Small Enterprises). Find out more about our sustainability endeavours and BBBEE here.

Our procurement and clinical engineering teams

The increasing demand for better healthcare has expanded the role of technology and healthcare equipment in the delivery of health services. Life Healthcare prides itself on offering clinical excellence and an innovative patient experience and our clinical engineers are integral to this objective.

Clinical engineers are responsible for applying and implementing medical technology to optimise healthcare delivery, and our teams work closely with our procurement department to deliver not only on costs, but also on quality and sustainability, while building long-term relationships with our vendors.

Our national procurement and clinical engineering teams understand the increasing relevance of technology to the future of healthcare, and how that is coupled with effective hospital management and improving patient outcomes.

Together these departments ensure that our equipment and technological services remain relevant and that improvements and upgrades are cost-effective without compromising on excellent health and care. This means there is constant re-evaluation of existing processes, continued education programmes and building each department’s competencies to ensure the best outcomes possible.

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