For our doctors

Our approach is to partner with our doctors

At Life Healthcare we see our doctors as strategic partners who make a vital contribution to the success and sustainability of the Group. We are therefore fully committed to mutually beneficial partnerships with our doctors by ensuring that Life Healthcare is the hospital group of choice for doctors.

Engagement during strategic decision-making

Life Healthcare has developed a culture of constructive engagement with doctors on all key issues. Structured platforms and forums support productive interaction between doctors and senior management to ensure transparent and inclusive decision-making on matters of mutual interest.

Shared clinical objectives

Our objective is to develop a shared vision of patient-centred care of exceptional quality that upholds the highest standards of medical and business ethics. Life Healthcare is equally committed to follow clinical governance processes that comply with best practice that will ensure the best clinical outcomes.

State-of-the-art facilities

Life Healthcare's strategy is to ensure that our facilities are world class. This is achieved through continuous upgrading and expansion of our existing facilities.

At the same time, we actively build our doctors’ profiles and showcase our depth of clinical expertise and advanced medical technology.

Dedicated doctor communication channels

Effective communication is key to building productive and robust relationships. Recognising this, Life Healthcare has implemented a distinct doctor communication strategy informed by our doctors' requirements. Communication channels include regular communication and newsletters reinforced by digital platforms such as LinkedIn.

What our doctors say