A closer look

Our purpose

Life, health and care are enshrined in everything we do. We carry this emphasis through in our dedication to well-being and quality of life, clinical excellence in world-class facilities, quality service, respect and a spirit of giving to those entrusted to our care. With life at the core of everything we do, the critical components of health and care hold everything together. Our purpose is making life better. And we fulfil that purpose by means of our compassionate and patient-centric approach.

Our vision

Our crystal-clear vision allows us to constantly move in the right direction.

Our vision is to be an international healthcare provider delivering measurable clinical quality through a diversified offering and people-centred approach.

We are able to realise this vision through our four strategic pillars underpinned by people, data, technology and analytics:

1. Growth

      Drive continued growth while diversifying our revenue and earnings.

2. Efficiency

      Deliver operational excellence.

3. Quality

      Deliver clinical excellence and a leading patient experience

4. Sustainability

      Ensure the long-term viability and sustainability of our business.

Our mission

We improve the lives of people through the delivery of high-quality, cost-effective care. We are always striving to do our best, and a good sign of our performance is our patient satisfaction, and our care is infused with layers of compassion, enabling us to grow.

Our values form the cornerstone of how we behave – they are the essence of our culture and the unifying beliefs that connect us.

Our five core values

  1. Passion for people: those that are the life of our business
  2. Qe – quality to the power of 'e' (ethics, excellence, empowerment, empathy, energy)
  3. Performance pride: we act for the right reasons, with quality in mind
  4. Personal care: adding the human touch
  5. Lifetime partnerships: with our patients at the very centre

Thoughtfulness goes a long way, so we aim to leave a lasting impression of understanding, of meeting patients' needs, and really listening to them.