Education and Training

Life Healthcare’s learning centres have a legacy of training nurses in South Africa for over 20 years. Our seven learning centres are situated in the major centres in South Africa. Our innovative theoretical and clinical training, ensures that our students receive excellent education and training.

Programme Offering

  1. Higher Certificate in Nursing (NQF level 5; 1 year) SANC Regulation 169
  2. Diploma in Nursing (NQF level 6; 3 years) SANC Regulation 171

How to apply

  1. Download the Application form here.
    Applications must be submitted between June and August annually.
  2. Submit your application to the preferred Learning Centre. See “Where are our Learning Centres” to find the contact details.
    Only completed application submissions will be considered.

Where are our Learning Centres?

Core Purpose

Our purpose is to ensure that we:

  • Promote quality patient care by aligning education to the Life Healthcare regional and national business needs.
  • Develop competent nurses through the delivery of accredited, innovative, quality education and training programmes.
  • Promote clinical practice based on a strong education foundation.
  • Provide accredited programmes according to necessary legislation governing nursing, education, training and development in the healthcare industry.  

Five quick facts 

Nursing college at a glance

  • Seven learning centres across SA: in Springs, Cape Town, Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria and Roodepoort.
  • Programmes include: under-graduate programmes and a variety of short learning programmes. Find more information about the programmes, application information and Education and Training locations by clicking on the links in the downloads box.
  • Our learning centres and hospitals have excellent nurse educators, clinical training specialists, nursing staff and hospital management to facilitate and support our students to excel in their studies.
  • Our outcomes-based model of education and training promotes clinical competence, and ensures that our values are part of our daily operations.

Why did we establish our nursing college?

  • To contribute to the national pool of skills, especially in the fields of nursing and health sciences.
  • Nurses form the cornerstone of Life Healthcare's operations. Our college's nurse training programmes have proven to be strategically important to the success and solid reputation of our Group.
  • Our focus on clinical excellence underpins our commitment to delivering high-quality care to our patients.
  • We have been instrumental in turning our Group's vision – to be a world-class provider of quality healthcare – into reality.

If you are interested in studying nursing in South Africa, click here for a fact sheet with frequently asked questions and answers.


Education and Training in more detail