Quality is more than just an idea to us: it is an essential part of how we carry out each element of the care we offer patients. We are dedicated to well-being and quality of life, clinical excellence in world-class facilities, quality service, respect and a spirit of giving to those entrusted in our care.

Quality lies at the core of our values as we offer excellence in clinical care and service delivery at all levels, and we aim always to have a patient-centred approach and to make personal care a reality at every interaction. International research supports this approach as it leads to positive clinical outcomes. Our continual quality improvement is overseen by an established clinical and quality governance framework. 

Our 10-year Quality Review (2010 – 2020) outlines the framework and structures that underpin the quality improvement journey in Life Healthcare, as well as our many successes – as evidenced by the continuous improvement over the past decade in:

  • patient satisfaction
  • patient safety
  • clinical quality measures and outcomes

Download our 10-year Quality Review (2010 – 2020)

We focus on:

  • Clinical excellence (iQ): providing world-class clinical care.
  • Improving patient experience (Qe) holistically addressing the needs of patients and their families. Patient care is, and always will be, at the heart of quality.

Download our quality policy: our commitment to quality and excellence.

Five quality commitments

  • Complying with relevant regulatory and governing body requirements.
  • Continually improving by means of the implementation of quality standards and international best practice.
  • Monitoring and improving the effectiveness of our quality management system.
  • Setting appropriate goals and objectives relating to safety, health and quality for all support functions.
  • Preventing incidents to patients, customers, employees and the environment by means of proactive risk management.

Our quality department

Quality assurance

We are proud to be the first hospital group in South Africa to have achieved ISO 9001 multi-site certification. We also have environmental management certification. Read more

Quality outcomes

We understand that the only way to improve our quality management system is by means of quality improvement: consistent monitoring, measurement, management and reporting. Read more

Quality improvement

Our iShift programme enables us to focus on continuous quality improvement by cultivating advancement, solving problems and creating value.

What is iShift?

We are moving towards a culture of innovation and problem-solving, where employees are empowered to identify problems and also solutions. The iShift programme embodies our approach to continuous quality improvement: providing a knowledge repository that shares our learnings, and improvement projects that improve our services and create value.

These projects are encouraged at every level, and could be as simple as a single employee trying to improve efficiencies in their individual work space, or as far-reaching as local, regional and national projects. The goal is always the same, however: to improve the service delivered to our patients.