Complementary services

Our specialised healthcare services are here to provide care to patients dealing with recovery from specific conditions. There are four complementary services: Life Rehabilitation, Life Mental Health, Life Renal Dialysis and Life Oncology.

Life Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation journey is often a challenging and exhausting one, yet we know that together we can achieve many recovery goals, and help you start a new chapter in your healing.

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Life Mental Health

We are a leading provider of private psychiatric services in South Africa, offering acute mental healthcare in a caring environment at nine facilities in four provinces.

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Life Renal Dialysis

We provide acute and chronic renal dialysis, helping patients in renal failure who require:

  1. Outpatient-based chronic renal dialysis
  2. Home-based peritoneal dialysis
  3. Acute renal dialysis in hospital
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Life Oncology

Life Oncology delivers the most advanced oncology care in a warm, friendly environment. We are at the forefront of advanced treatments in surgical, medical, gynaecological and radiation oncology.

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