Life Renal Dialysis

Who do we care for?

We are a specialised healthcare service that provides acute and chronic renal dialysis. Our services help patients in renal failure who require:

  • Outpatient-based chronic renal dialysis
  • Home-based peritoneal dialysis
  • Acute renal dialysis in hospital 

How do you access our services?

There are three different channels:

  • Referral from a referring specialist or general practitioner to the nephrologist
  • Referral directly from the treating nephrologist
  • Direct contact with the unit manager at the renal dialysis unit 

Did you know?

Please note that you will need a separate authorisation number for dialysis treatment; a hospital authorisation number will only cover your hospital stay and not your dialysis treatments. Our Life Healthcare case managers will assist and guide you with the following process:

  • Obtaining relevant medical aid forms
  • Ensuring that your treating specialist completes the necessary forms
  • Returning the forms and your latest blood test results to your medical aid
  • Obtaining an additional motivation from your nephrologist in the case of some specialised procedures such as continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT)

A  family member, friend or I have kidney problems, what now? 

Download Renal Dialysis Facilities information