Life Nkanyisa

Nkanyisa means 'bringer of light'. We exist to partner with government to help serve the needs of the most vulnerable of our nation. We serve our patients and their communities by providing VALUE-BASED, QUALITY, COMPASSIONATE healthcare. DIGNITY AND RESPECT are at the core of our value system.

As a fully owned subsidiary of the Life Healthcare Group, we have been delivering healthcare and related services to the public sector (under contract to Department of Health) for over five decades. Our emphasis on patient-centred compassionate service ensures we are able to provide the highest level of care to our patients.

Life Nkanyisa also provides frail care and substance abuse recovery services, and we are a third-party primary healthcare provider for the Department of Correctional Services. 

What services do we offer?

We partner with the South African government to provide professional, quality and cost-effective healthcare services to the most vulnerable segment of South Africans. These services are provided on contract, awarded through the Treasury tender process.

All tender prices are based on 100% service delivery, including:

  • Board – nutritious meals overseen by a dietician, clothing and linen, recreational and
    therapeutic activities
  • Medication
  • A professionally trained multi-disciplinary team – to provide individualised
    programmes and health-care services
  • Purpose-designed, modernised facilities

All of these provide the best quality care. We align our programmes and healthcare services with state policies, mandates and action plans, such as:

  • National Development Plan (NDP)
  • Mental Health Action Plan 2013-2020
  • Drug Master Plan 2016
  • WHO Mental Health Action Plan
  • Other legislation around service provision for vulnerable groups 

Life Nkanyisa at a glance

Did you know?

We are the leading private sector provider in the field of chronic mental healthcare services to state-funded mental healthcare users: we specialise in public chronic mental health services.

Life Nkanyisa in numbers:

What do we focus on?

Our programmes ensure that the quality of life of the patients entrusted to our care is maintained at the highest level.

Community reintegration is our goal.

As well as clinical treatment and care, our care centres focus on recovery and rehabilitation, and the effects of institutionalisation are reduced. Patients are able to live fulfilling lives with improved competencies and life skills, and also enjoy increased environmental support.

Tailor-made solutions for government healthcare

Life Nkanyisa is in the business of caring for the most vulnerable members of our society – and those people who rely on government healthcare plans to provide them with equitable, quality care on a tight budget.

We are able to offer a whole range of healthcare social services to suit the needs of government, both in South Africa and the African continent, with extremely competitive prices, thanks to our association with the Life Healthcare Group.

We can create flexible and tailor-made solutions to suit departmental needs and cost structures for governmental health services. Please contact us at the Life Nkanyisa national office and we would be honored to help you find your service delivery platform. 

Join Life Nkanyisa

If you would like to be part of the Life Nkanyisa team and believe that you have the skills to change the lives of vulnerable people in a meaningful way, please send us your CV. Do you have any questions for us? 

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