Pre-admission ensures you are as prepared as possible for your hospital visit, and saves you time on the day of admission. It also means you have one less thing to be concerned about, so that you can focus fully on your health and recovery.

The pre-admission process

Once your doctor has decided to admit you to hospital, you can book in at the pre-admissions clinic at the hospital, or download your pre-admission form and fill it in before taking it to hospital (either on the day of admission, or earlier for pre-admission). This ensures that on the day of your admission, all the relevant documentation has been completed, which means you would not have to wait long before being taken to your ward.  

What is pre-authorisation?

Before you can complete pre-admission, you need to get pre-authorisation from your medical aid. Either the patient or the main member must call the medical aid for an authorisation number.

Look at our medical aid checklist to find out what information you need for pre-authorisation, and which questions to ask your medical aid.

What our staff say