What You Need For Pre-Admission | Life Healthcare

What you need for pre-admission

  • Medical aid card, with dependant code, if applicable
  • Authorisation number from your medical aid, if you have a medical aid
  • ID card of the main member as well as the patient (ID number and birth certificate for a child)
  • Your doctor’s name and practice number
  • The name and practice number of the doctor who referred you to the specialist who is admitting you (for example, your GP)
  • Date of the admission or procedure
  • Either a referral letter describing the intended procedure, or the name of the surgery required, with relevant codes: ICD10 code (describing your diagnosis) and RPL code (describing the procedure). Your doctor or their assistant will be able to give you these codes
  • For injury on duty (COID) admissions, ensure you have a certified copy of your ID and a WCL4 document
  • Payment of any co-payments (preferably paid by debit or credit card)
  • Private patients will be given an estimated cost for your hospital stay, which must be settled on the day of admission. If the cost exceeds the estimate, you or your guarantor will be required to make additional payment. If your estimate exceeds the final account, you or your guarantor will be refunded the balance.
  • For more information on the admission process during the COVID-19 pandemic – please click here