Our employees

We have a passion for people: those that are the life of our business. We aim to create partnerships that last a lifetime with our employees, doctors, patients and communities.

Our employees are more than just people who come to work each day – they are the lifeblood of Life Healthcare, the way we provide the quality service and care in which we believe. We are all united in a common goal: to create the best patient experience and the most positive patient outcomes. 

Join Life Healthcare

We support all of our employees to grow their passion and to develop a taste for variety. Our goal is to provide jobs that make our employees excited about going to work so that we can make life better together.

Coming into hospital can be daunting, which is why all of our employees are trained to support patients with gentle, thoughtful and compassionate care, always putting our patients at the very centre of what we do. 

Have a meaningful career

We recognise that South Africa has a particular skills shortage in the fields of nursing, pharmaceutical and clinical engineering, and we are committed to providing an inspiring place to practise these skills in order to have a meaningful career.

Why work at Life Healthcare?

  • Employee benefits
  • Effective communication
  • Continuing Professional Development
  • Achiever awards

Life Healthcare employee benefits 

  • Medical aid
  • Retirement fund
  • Death and disability cover
  • Long-service awards
  • Employee share plan
  • Leave
  • Bursaries
  • Employee wellness through Life Health Solutions

Effective communication

We believe in open and honest two-way communication, and have effective communication channels in place to reach all Life Healthcare employees.

  • Weekly: Connect and engage – on email
  • Monthly: Life Style tabloid – in payslip or via intranet
  • HR communiqués – on email or noticeboards
  • Business updates – on email or noticeboards
  • The Workplace Consultative Forum
  • Hospital-specific forums

Continuing Professional Development

We encourage Continuing Professional Development (CPD), and focus on management development by means of a number of in-house programmes.

Achiever awards

We understand the importance of recognition for a job well done. The Life Achiever Awards exist to recognise and thank the year’s most significant achievers, and these include:

  • Acute care hospital and team awards
  • Complementary business awards
  • Enabling function awards
  • Healthcare services awards
  • Clinical outcomes awards
  • Service hero awards 

Integrated clinical and support functions

Our employees come from a wide range of backgrounds and follow a variety of passions. Each of these integrated support functions employs committed team players who are not only inspired by their work, but by compassion towards our patients.

Nursing operations
We’re committed to kind and thoughtful care for our patients, and we empower our nurses to become the best they can be, by means of nursing management and leadership programmes.

Our procurement team is in charge of the end-to-end procurement of outsourced services, equipment and consumables, and they are supported by our clinical engineering team who handles the effective management and utilisation of medical equipment.

We’re committed to providing world-class medical treatment, high-quality care and a professional service, with compassion. Our pharmacists provide a wide range of pharmacy services at our in-hospital and retail pharmacies.

Our approach to quality is one of the things that sets us apart: we believe in excellence in clinical care and service delivery, underpinned by compassionate, personal care with patients at the centre.

Business development
Opportunities to develop new facilities and new lines of business and clinical products to better serve our patients.

What our employees say