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Holiday dialysis offers renal dialysis patients the option of travelling this holiday season

Life Renal Dialysis provides holiday dialysis at 23 chronic renal dialysis facilities in South Africa.

This holiday season Life Renal Dialysis, Life Healthcare Group’s specialised healthcare service encourages renal dialysis patients to consider holiday dialysis, allowing them to travel to a holiday destination and still have their dialysis treatment.

The holiday season is a time to getaway, relax and unwind with family and friends. However, for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) or kidney failure, going on holiday may seem impossible because of the daily or weekly renal dialysis treatments, they require to keep their kidney’s functioning.

Approximately 14% of adults suffer from kidney disease in sub-Sahara Africa, many of whom may feel trapped or restricted in their daily activities because of the need to remain in close proximity to their renal dialysis facility.

“We’re committed to the well-being of patients. One of the ways we can take extra care of renal dialysis patients is to provide them easy access to their treatment – particularly during this festive season,” says Dr Riyas Fadal, National Complementary Services Manager at Life Healthcare.

Dr Fadal explains that holiday dialysis is a service which allows patients to book their chronic renal dialysis treatment sessions at other Life Renal Dialysis facilities when they need to travel for work or leisure.

“Renal dialysis patients, whether being treated at a Life Renal Dialysis unit or not, can make use of our holiday dialysis service at any of our 23 Life Renal Dialysis units across South Africa,” he added. Availability is, however, dependent on the current renal unit schedule.

Patients are required to book their dialysis treatment sessions in advance by following these steps:

1. Contact the Life Renal Dialysis unit of your preference to schedule a booking with the unit manager. Visit the Life Renal Dialysis webpage for a unit contact list:

2. Provide the Life Renal Dialysis unit with the following documents at least two weeks before commencement of treatment:

  • ID / Passport
  • Medical aid card (if applicable)
  • Latest virology studies including urine and sputum MC&S results (as per infection prevention and control policies)
  • Latest pathology results (Hb, U&E must be included)
  • Referring Doctor prescription / special orders (including iron and EPO)
  • Completed Patient Holiday Document (obtained from your current Life Renal Dialysis unit or the Life Renal Dialysis unit which you wish to access)

3. If you are a member of a medical aid, the Life Renal Dialysis unit you have booked your treatment with will obtain the medical aid authorisation from your medical scheme. Alternatively, if you are private paying patient a quotation will be provided and payment will need to be settled before treatment commences.


About Life Renal Dialysis

Life Renal Dialysis is a specialised healthcare service with 23 chronic renal units across five provinces, providing acute and chronic renal dialysis. We assist patients in renal failure who require out-patient based chronic renal dialysis or home based peritoneal dialysis; or acute renal dialysis in hospital. Life Renal Dialysis encourages and emphasises the importance of education about the harmful consequences of obesity and its association with kidney disease, early detection and a healthy lifestyle to increase awareness and prevention of kidney disease.


For more information on holiday dialysis at a Life Renal Dialysis unit call 011 219 9626 / 9720.


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