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Moving oncology care forward with Brainlab’s RT Elements

As of June 1, 2024, Life Oncology has integrated the Brainlab RT Elements treatment planning software at three units offering stereotactic radiosurgery, marking a significant advancement in effective cancer treatment. This technology enhances the capabilities of the Life Oncology units based at Life Eugene Marais Hospital, Life Hilton Private Hospital and Life Vincent Pallotti Hospital, in delivering personalised and efficient treatment for both cranial and spinal stereotactic radiosurgery indications.

Treatment planning, an important part of radiotherapy and radiosurgery, involves designing a detailed treatment plan to deliver radiation therapy accurately to ensure cancerous tissue receive the maximum radiation dosage whilst minimising exposure to surrounding healthy tissue. RT Elements offers consistency during this treatment planning phase using indication-specific tools that enable personalised decision-making and dose planning. This sophisticated software allows for automated processes and standardised workflows, enabling the generation and adaptation of radiosurgery treatment plans to meet clinical needs swiftly and effectively.

Complementing the RT Elements treatment planning software, all three of Life Oncology’s stereotactic radiosurgery sites also utilise Brainlab’s ExacTrac System. ExacTrac is an image guided radiotherapy system that employs high-resolution, stereoscopic x-ray images to position patients at any couch angle with submillimetre accuracy. This system, combined with the RT Elements Treatment Planning Software, ensures a seamless end-to-end workflow and accurate, non-coplanar delivery of optimised treatment plans.

Natalie Clarke, National manager at Life Oncology, emphasised the significance of this integration: “The combination of RT Elements and ExacTrac represents a major leap forward in our ability to provide precise and effective treatment for our patients. These technologies not only enhance our treatment accuracy but also improve the overall patient experience by reducing treatment times and minimising side effects.”

Life Oncology remains dedicated to staying at the forefront of cancer treatment technology. This latest upgrade underscores the commitment to providing access to advanced therapies and continuously improving patient outcomes. The implementation of Brainlab’s RT Elements and ExacTrac systems is part of Life Oncology’s broader strategy to integrate advanced technologies, powered by artificial intelligence to offer personalised cancer treatment.  “Our ongoing investments in equipment and partnerships with leading technology providers ensure that we continue to deliver the highest standards of care to our patients” says Clarke