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Life Healthcare acquires the Imaging Operations of Eugene Marais Radiology

Life Healthcare has acquired the non-clinical imaging operations of Eugene Marais Radiology based at Life Eugene Marais Hospital in Pretoria, in its efforts to grow and diversify its portfolio across its southern African operations.

“This is the second acquisition of its kind as part of Life Healthcare’s investment for future growth aimed at providing integrated healthcare along the continuum of care”, says Adam Pyle, Life Healthcare Chief Executive Officer - Southern Africa.

The purchase is part of the Group’s broader South African diagnostic imaging and nuclear medicine strategy aimed at leveraging the experience of its international imaging business, Alliance Medical Group (AMG) to increase access and affordability of imaging to South Africans.  AMG is wholly owned by Life Healthcare and is the United Kingdom’s and western Europe’s leading independent provider of complex medical imaging, molecular imaging services, coupled with an integrated network of radiopharmacies that deliver services to public and private healthcare providers.

The transaction sees all infrastructure, equipment and staff employed permanently at Eugene Marais Radiology being transferred to Life Healthcare.

In February 2022, Life Healthcare acquired the imaging operations of East Coast Radiology, and, following the most recent transaction, the Southern African business now operates the imaging operations at six of its hospitals. This follows the announcement in December 2021 of the joint venture between Life Healthcare and Axim Group of Companies to build two cyclotrons (nuclear medicine machines that produce protons for nuclear research or radiation treatment) in Gauteng.

Eugene Marais Radiology has provided Life Healthcare specialists and patients with high quality radiological care for many years”, added Pyle.

Dr Ben Nel, spokesperson and director of Eugene Marais Radiology Inc. said, “We are delighted to partner with Life Healthcare. We believe that their commitment to expand services and their international expertise will add enormous value to patients, staff and doctors.”

Life Eugene Marais Hospital is a modern and sophisticated facility which includes 14 theatres, one hybrid theatre and cathlab,  specialised cardiac theatres, a neuro-spinal rehabilitation unit, and a comprehensive range of diagnostic equipment. The hospital is well-known for its neurosurgical and orthopaedic surgery.