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Transforming care at Life Healthcare through value-based care

It’s apparent that the healthcare landscape in South Africa has many challenges. We recognise the enormous challenges presented to patients and funders in the public and private sectors by the cost of healthcare and the increasing burden of various disease conditions.

Our commitment to value-based care means we focus on delivering high-quality and cost-effective care. We strive to improve patient outcomes and experiences while also managing healthcare costs. Interventions include promoting preventative care, coordinating care transitions, and implementing evidence -based practices.

Life Healthcare prioritises the well-being of our patients through our extensive network arrangement and our commitment to value-based care by ensuring we have a wide range of trusted healthcare providers available to our patients. This allows us to offer comprehensive and coordinated care across various specialties, ensuring that our patients receive the right care at the right time.

Additionally, we collaborate with your medical aids through value-based contracts that incentivise quality and cost-effective care. These contracts tie reimbursement to patient outcomes and encourage providers to deliver efficient and effective care, leading to improved patient experiences and reduced healthcare costs.

André Joseph, funder relations and health policy executive says: “We are committed to transforming care by engaging with funders and medical professionals to advance the clinical product and alternative reimbursement models that promotes better outcomes, patient experience, cost efficiency, and value creation for the healthcare system.”

We are proud that we are South Africa’s preferred hospital network, 

as chosen by your medical schemes.

We have secured funder network deals across several large and smaller medical schemes.

Thanks to our healthcare professionals, employees, and partners – South Africa’s major medical schemes have chosen us as their anchor provider. Life Healthcare is a designated service provider to most of the major medical schemes for their members on network plans. This endorsement is testament to our passion, dedication and a consistent level of high-quality care and professionalism throughout our facilities, countrywide. They believe in us. You can too.

Life Healthcare’s funder network deals

Contact your medical scheme for more information on your benefits and which Life Healthcare hospitals are included in your benefit option.

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The future of integrated care

Our integrated care (also called value-based care) programmes aim to provide quality care with better patient outcomes and improvement on cost-efficiency. Our commitment is to develop integrated care programmes that enhance the patient journey and implement clinical disease management programmes, through multi- and inter-disciplinary healthcare teams, utilising data, and technology to drive and measure outcomes. However, for this to be sustainable we are committed to alternative funder (medical scheme) reimbursements via a national network of funder providers so that cost-efficiencies for our services and patient affordability are a priority.

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