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Celebrating Nurses' Vital Role in Patient Care

It’s International Nurses' Day on 12 May, and Life Healthcare proudly recognises and appreciates its dedicated nurses who continue to be the cornerstone of quality healthcare. This year's global theme, "Our Nurses Our Future," highlights the invaluable contributions nurses make to the well-being of patients and communities.

With a deep sense of pride and gratitude, we acknowledge the unwavering commitment and sacrifices made by our nurses each day as they provide exceptional care to our patients. Throughout the challenges faced over the past few years, these remarkable individuals have shown resilience and dedication, embodying the spirit of nursing.

Merle Victor, Chief Nurse Officer at Life Healthcare, emphasises the significance of International Nurses Day in the context of a strained and often underappreciated profession. She has a message of gratitude for nurses across the country.

"There is a reason you are doing what you are doing. There is nothing like being there when a baby is born, and you are part of that experience, and you are there when you close the eyes of a dying patient. You mean so much to us, to your community and to society. You are our future. We thank you for your service, certainly to the nursing profession but also to South Africa."

Life Healthcare is privileged to employ permanent and contract nurses. These nurses not only serve as the backbone of patient-centred care but also champion advancements in healthcare services and systems through their leadership and advocacy.

International Nurses' Day provides an opportunity for all 66 Life Healthcare facilities to express gratitude to our nurses for their exceptional contributions and their compassionate care.

Great 100 Nurses Awards

Aligned with the significance of this day, Life Healthcare also hosts the esteemed Great 100 Nurses Awards. These awards, established in 2012, recognise nurses chosen by their peers for exemplifying excellence and compassion in their daily practice. The initiative aims to honour nurses who have positively influenced the nursing profession and made a lasting impact on patients, peers, students, and the community.

The Great 100 Nurses Awards serve as a platform to celebrate the exceptional care provided by our nurses. It acknowledges their commitment and enables them to serve as ambassadors, advocating for superior nursing care and enhancing patient outcomes at the bedside.

On International Nurses' Day, we reiterate our deep appreciation for our nurses and their invaluable contributions to patient care. By embracing the theme "Our Nurses Our Future," we honour their dedication and recognise the pivotal role they play in shaping the future of healthcare.

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