What facilities do we offer?

Our facilities

Patients can dialyse in the safety of knowing that they are on hospital premises in facilities which have:

  • a dedicated dialysis area;
  • comfortable and specialised dialysis chairs;
  • the state-of-the-art dialysis machines and equipment that can perform different modalities of dialysis including haemodialysis (HD), haemodiafiltfration (HDF) and on line clearance monitoring (OCM) – allowing for close monitoring of the effectiveness of dialysis (kt/V values);
  • easy access to: support services such as radiology and pathology laboratories; hospital-based specialists such as vascular surgeons; intensivists; cardiologists and endocrinologists;
  • access to 24-hour emergency medical services and doctors;
  • porter assistance for patients in wheelchairs;
  • individually controlled televisions; and
  • light meals with every session.

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