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At Life Hunterscraig Private Hospital, the focus is on the delivery of high-quality treatment and special, unique standards of care. This 41-bed facility is a short-term admission psychiatric hospital, treating in-patients as well as day patients. The principle forms of therapy used at the clinic are crisis counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy and life skills training. A high-care facility is available for seriously ill patients and therapeutic programmes are conducted in small groups. Specialised treatment is provided for specific illnesses such as anxiety disorders, depression and substance dependence. There is a team often  psychiatrists based at this hospital in Port Elizabeth and, in addition, the employees at all levels actively participate in community initiatives to improve the quality of life in surrounding areas.

041 507 9500
Physical address
22 Park Drive, Central, Port Elizabeth, 6000
-33.9687873 : 25.6098294999999
Hospital Manager
Alex Daneel
Visiting hours

All visiting hours listed below have been reviewed according to current lockdown regulations. Please contact the hospital directly for updated information.

For visitation exceptions around neonatal ICU and paediatric wards contact the hospital directly or click here for more information.

15h30 – 16h30
19h00 – 20h00


Dr Annelise Groenewoud 041 373 0521
Dr Heidi Loffstadt 041 581 2567
Dr Ian Taylor 041 581 8964
Dr Kavendren Odayar 041 373 2359
Dr Leandre Gauche 041 364 0858
Dr Margo de Vries 041 364 2790
Dr Nadine Smith 041 811 4692
Dr Nava Reddy 041 451 2928
Dr Peter Crafford 041 581 3622
Dr Reino Verster 041 365 7750
Dr Wim Esterhuysen 041 373 0521
Dr Zolelwa Ngam 041 451 0931

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Hospital Manager

Alex Daneel

Physical address

22 Park Drive
Port Elizabeth

Postal address

P O Box 12439


041 507 9500


041 586 4944