Diploma in Medical and Surgical Nursing Science

Admission requirements

  • Current registration with the South African Nursing Council as a nurse.
  • At least three months’ experience in the particular field of specialisation.
  • Proof of current position.
  • Letter of recommendation from your manager.

Modules compulsory core modules

  • Nursing dynamics.
  • Internal medicine and surgery.

Elective modules

  • Critical care nursing science.
  • Emergency nursing science.
  • Operating theatre nursing science.
  • Orthopaedic nursing science.


On completion of the course you will have acquired the theoretical and practical skills and professional values to practice as a clinical nurse specialist, registered with the South African Nursing Council. This will enable you to practice in this capacity in the South African healthcare system. Your scope of practice will allow you to:

  • manage complex clinical problems using critical and creative thinking;
  • interpret and implement research findings and other innovations;
  • render quality patient care using systematic information, science and technology practice will allow you to:
  • appropriately;
  • develop nursing science through research involvement;
  • carry out a cost analysis of areas of the specialist services;
  • set clinical standards and measure quality of care;
  • define and accept responsibility for independent nursing practice;
  • develop and implement operational leadership, managerial and teaching skills;
  • improve policy decisions;
  • provide cost-effective service;
  • improve patient outcomes;
  • investigate and solve service care problems;
  • act as a resource for health workers;
  • assist with the implementation of nursing development and new concepts into practice; and
  • teach patients, nurses and other health workers in the specialised field of study.

You can advance your career in nursing by further studies.


  • Proof of non-refundable administration together with the required supporting documentation to be submitted online.
  • Applications must be submitted by 31 August.
  • All applicants will follow the college selection process.

Start Date: 01 March 2018
Duration: One academic year
Cost: As per annual fee structure.

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