Access to clean running water

Life Healthcare has partnered with Round About Water Solutions, an NGO in the water sector that delivers fresh running water to schools and communities in rural communities.  There are hundreds of children who attend schools where there is no water.  School children, predominantly the girl child is tasked with collecting water from dams and rivers, which are often contaminated causing numerous cases of water borne diseases.  

Round About Water Solutions identifies existing boreholes in these communities, installs a merry go round on the top of the borehole. Children play, while it pumps water into a tank for immediate or stored use. The water is tested in accordance with SANS 241 drinking water standards

This project has increased learner school attendance, decreased the incidence of water borne diseases, and has created recreational equipment at the same time. To date, 25 Play Pumps have been installed in schools and communities across the country.

Development of rural communities

Life Healthcare has partnered with the Pondoland Conservation Trust a NGO which focuses on preserving the pristine coastline of Pondoland in the Eastern Cape for the construction of a community recreational centre for the Msikaba Village in Pondoland, one of 3 communities with approximately 500 community members per village.  In addition, the sponsorship provides for 3 years of operational expenses which includes a Wi-Fi hub, access to DSTV, a medical clinic and staff salaries for the ECD centre in the community.     

Three Play Pumps have been installed, one at each village bringing access to clean drinking water as well as recreation for the children.

A community gardening programme for all three villages has commenced with great promise for the development of a Agri Hub which is set up to facilitate the procurement, aggregation, processing, and sale of household grown produce for off- take agreements.

Food gardening – in schools and communities

Life Healthcare has partnered with Reel Life – a leading award-winning NGO targeting food poverty, security, and hunger in South Africa thorough the provision of sustainable school and household community gardens.

In addition to supporting targeted communities exposed to food and hunger issues, the project is intended to support and enhance a target of 500 sustainable Household Food Gardens in Pondoland, Eastern Cape and 2 school gardens in KZN with learner take home kits using the Learn and Grow model implemented by Reel Life. The programme is aligned with Life Healthcare’s core vision of Making Life Better through projects that enhance their life experiences, by facilitating a brighter future in an enabling way. 

Food Relief to needy communities

Life Healthcare partnered with the Gift of the Givers, a disaster relief NGO to distribute nonperishable food parcels to needy communities. A food parcel feeds a family of four people for four weeks.  Life Healthcare’s sponsorship provided 960 000 meals over 24 months.

Life Healthcare has partnered with the Soul Food Provider Trust, an NGO providing food relief to needy communities, in particular early childhood development (ECD) centres as they are excluded from the national school’s nutrition programme. This programme seeks to prevent the effects of stunting from malnutrition in children by providing a tasty, high in energy, protein, and dietary fibre and well balanced with all relevant vitamin content, nutritious fortified meals.  Life Healthcare’s sponsorship will provide more than 700 000 meals over 12months.