Pharmacist's assistant training

Did you know?

The South African Pharmacy Council’s (SAPC’s) vision for 2030 includes 24,000 pharmacists and 22,000 pharmacy support personnel being registered and serving the health needs of South Africans.

Pharmacy mid-level workers, including pharmacist’s assistants, play an important role in providing pharmaceutical services. Currently there are only 3,276 learner basic and 2,577 learner post-basic pharmacist’s assistants studying to achieve their qualification.

At Life Healthcare, we identify high potential candidates and provide them with the necessary training and support to qualify as pharmacist’s assistants, thereby contributing to the workforce of South Africa and the hospital pharmacy sector in particular.

To be eligible for this training programme, all potential candidates are required to have passed Grade 12 with maths and science as subjects.

To become a qualified pharmacist’s assistant, the learner is expected to work in a registered pharmacy on a full-time basis. The programme takes a minimum of two years to complete and consists of two levels: basic and post-basic. The learner becomes eligible to apply for the pharmacy technician course after completing these two levels.

If you are interested in pursuing a career as pharmacist’s assistant, feel free to contact us.