Nursing practices

We’ve implemented the Nursing Practice Sensitive Indicator Scorecard to understand how our service is improving.

  • Based on the National Core Standards, five additional sensitive indicators have been identified for Nursing Practice.
  • These indicators will facilitate effective monitoring and measuring of clinical patient outcomes.
  • The aim is to promote continuous improvement in patient care.

We’ve also implemented Best Operating Practices projects, such as the Nightingale Initiative.

  • Based on a similar international project, this initiative focuses on the employment of retired nurses who are still fit to work in units and wards, to support, guide and mentor nurses.

Our Nursing Management Stand-down project was developed to address a tense time in the ward.

  • It ensures nursing leadership and management visibility between 7am and 11am – the busiest time in a unit or ward – to observe clinical practices and gauge customer satisfaction.
  • This means that the Nurse Manager, Nursing Standard Manager, Clinical Training Specialist and Unit Manager are available to support both nurses and patients when they need it most.