Nursing management programmes

We believe in empowering our nurses to fulfil their potential ensuring they provide the highest level of care to our patients. Patient-centred care has been proven to have positive clinical outcomes, which could mean less time in hospital, quicker recovery and more cost-effective medical care.

Life Healthcare offers four management and leadership development programmes for our nurses:

  1. (Shadowing and Training Young Leaders)
  2. Nursing Mentoring
  3. Fundamentals of Management
  4. Nursing Management


  1. is for potential nurse leaders under the age of 40 who are mentored in a two-year structured programme.
  2. Nursing mentoring is a one-year programme that covers an Introduction to Nursing Practice, Infection Prevention Control and Nursing Education. Students can gain experience in all nursing management levels by means of active role-taking and an introduction to nursing management skills. The programme develops and identifies potential nurse leaders.
  3. Fundamentals of management is a one-year programme that empowers nurses to better manage their leadership impact. They acquire skills and techniques to manage teams more effectively, and tools to handle complex management situations with greater certainty and confidence. Confidence in coaching is also elevated.
  4. Nursing management is a one-year programme for identified high-performance individuals in nursing middle management. The focus is on managing change, risks, and maintaining quality patient care. On completion, participants receive a certificate in middle management from GIBS Business School.