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Life Healthcare launches COVID-19 risk management solution for businesses

Life Employee Health Solutions, a division of the Life Healthcare Group, has developed an innovative health risk management tool to help businesses operate safe workplaces in context of COVID-19.

As companies are re-opening with the gradual relaxation of lockdown regulations, they face the daunting task of limiting the spread of COVID-19 infection in the workplace, reducing potential risks to employees and customers, and supporting employees to adapt to a new normal. Life Employee Health Solutions has built the Life RISK Solution to give employers comfort that they are well equipped to manage this ask.

The Life RISK Solution has been developed based on recommendations from the National Department of Health, National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) and the World Health Organization (WHO) and encompasses three primary capabilities:

  • Daily symptom checker – user-friendly tool for staff to report key health metrics, coupled with digital support and self-care resources.
  • Risk tracker dashboard and reporting tool – for employers to monitor and track the healthcare journeys of at-risk and exposed employees, and potential infection spread within the business.
  • Immediate clinical interventions for employees – based on risk alerts and infection control, and employee psychosocial support and health education via a qualified clinical team.

Group Operations Executive, Tanya Little, says the strength of the Life RISK Solution is the peace of mind it offers employers. “Effective management of COVID-19 risk in the workplace demands specialist knowledge and an in-depth understanding of industry trends, clinical guidelines, fluid policies and compliance requirements. It’s critical for employers to have a trusted partner to help them navigate this”.

The Life RISK Solution simultaneously offers an aggregated risk surveillance capability to the employer, and highly individualised clinical and wellbeing support for employees, including management of appropriate clinical pathways and support for staff as they return to work. In addition to its alignment with clinical guidelines, the product has been built in accordance with strict data privacy measures.

“Importantly, the product is easy to implement, regardless of industry or number of employees. We have the ability to meet clients wherever they are in terms of COVID-19 preparedness and digital readiness to ensure we manage risk and deliver tangible value,” Little adds

With extensive experience in hospital risk management and a proven track record in delivering quality employee wellness services spanning three decades, Life Healthcare is well positioned to help businesses return safely to the workplace and operate sustainably going forward.

“The Life RISK Solution is another way we as Life Healthcare hope to continue delivering on our purpose of Making Life Better, and contributing to quality of life, clinical excellence and quality service”, concludes Little. To download an outline of the Life RISK Solution click here. For more information on how to access the free daily symptom checker service and obtain a cost estimate for the risk tracker and immediate employee support and clinical intervention,  email: or call (+27) 86 123 4123.

To learn more about how Life Employee Health Solutions can support your business or workplace with employee health and wellness services, visit: