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The 14-bed Genesis Maternity Clinic in Saxonwold, Johannesburg is a dedicated low risk midwife-led birthing unit specialising in active birthing where a mother’s birthing choices are respected.

Genesis Maternity Clinic provides an old worldly charm where comprehensive maternity services are facilitated by a dedicated team of professionals that include the Genesis Maternity Clinic’s Midwives, Independent Midwives, Doulas, Obstetricians and Paediatrician.

 Ante-Natal care

Once your pregnancy is confirmed, it’s important to make an appointment with a midwife to start your ante-natal care as soon as possible.  At the Genesis Maternity Clinic you have the option to contract an Independent Midwife to provide your ante-natal care, or you can attend the Genesis Ante-natal clinic.

Ante-natal appointments will allow your midwife and -members of your healthcare team to ensure both you and your baby stay healthy. Even if your pregnancy is going well and you are feeling well, it is important for you to attend your appointments so that any potential risks can be identified and managed timeously.

The appointments provide the opportunity for you to ask any questions you have about your pregnancy, such as the progress during each trimester, physical pregnancy symptoms and the birth itself. You can also get support with making healthy lifestyle choices, obtain mental health or dietary advice, or help quitting smoking or avoiding drinking alcohol. You can discuss any problems you might perceive important.

You need to see an Obstetrician at 26 to28 weeks and at 36 weeks. Another visit at 40 weeks will be required to assess the risks associated with late term pregnancy.  This is to ensure you and your baby are strong and healthy for the birthing.

Ante-Natal Clinic

To book an appointment at the Genesis Antenatal Clinic, please contact us on 011 544 9831

First appointments need to be made before 26 weeks for a comprehensive assessment to ensure that any risks can be identified, managed or referred. If you want to transfer your care from another Midwife or Obstetrician, you need a referral letter with all related blood results and scans to ensure you are eligible for admission to Genesis Maternity Clinic – based on your pregnancy risk profile. If you did not attend any ante-natal care from 26 weeks you will unfortunately not be eligible for admission into the low risk ante-natal programme.

Post-Natal Care

After the birth a Paediatrician assessment is vital to ensure all is well with your new-born. Birth vaccination is done before discharge. A six-week post-delivery check-up is vital to monitor mom’s recovery after birth at the post-natal clinic, or with the Independent midwife. Birth registration forms are also available. Should you choose to make use of this service, the Home Affairs official will deliver the baby’s birth certificate to Genesis Maternity Clinic for you to collect.

Bed Booking process (pre-admission)

Pre-admission should be done prior to 36 weeks. Preferably bed bookings are made by visiting Genesis Maternity Clinic between 08h00 and16h00 Monday to Friday, where the receptionists will assist you with the completion of the relevant documentation and provide information for your admission as required.

The following documentation is required to facilitate an efficient bed booking:

Medical Aid patients:

  • Medical Aid card
  • Copy of the main member’s ID
  • Authorisation number

 All patients:

  • Completed Impilo information document
  • Completed and signed checklist
  • Paediatrician information form
  • Copies of Ante-natal blood results
  • Signed fee and deposit form


011 544 9800
Physical address
5 Northwold Drive, Cnr of Jan Smuts and Northwold, Saxonwold, Johannesburg
-26.15809 : 28.033773
Hospital manager
Dr Alet Rheeder
Visiting hours

  • Birth partners are welcome to stay over in the downstairs private family rooms
  • Birth partners can visit during the day until 20h00 in the semi-private upstairs rooms
  • Grandparents and siblings may visit 15h00-16h00 and 19h00-20h00; not more than 4 visitors at a time, and not while mom is in active labour
  • Visitation will be adjusted as the lockdown regulations change, taking the risk of Covid-19 transmission into consideration
  • We adhere to strict infection prevention procedures which include social distancing and universal masking


Our reception hours are: 

  • Monday to Friday: 08h00 - 16h00
  • Saturday: 08h00 - 16h00
  • Sunday: 08h00 - 15h00

 Our team includes:

Core Midwifery Services

  • Genesis Maternity Clinic Midwives
  • Independent Midwives
  • On site Paediatrician
  • Obstetric services
  • Well Baby Clinic

Supporting medical services

  • Sonography (4D scans)
  • Physiotherapy
  • Audiology birth assessments
  • Chiropractic services
  • Homeopathy
  • Ante-natal Classes
  • Yoga
  • Hypnobirthing classes
  • First aid/CPR classes
  • Doula services

Booking for an in-house midwife process: 

  • Email cecilia.wellen@lifehealthcare.co.za  who will assist you with your booking with the Genesis in-house/staff midwives 
  • Please stipulate the following when making your booking for an in-house midwife: 
    • Your full name and contact details so that we can contact you.
    • How many weeks pregnant you are.
    • If you are on medical-aid or non-medical aid (*all babies must be covered by a medical aid at birth for moms to be eligible to birth at the Genesis Maternity Clinic. Dads/partners can enquire with their medical aid about putting their babies on their medical aid if the mother is unable to.)
    • If you are moving over your care, you must bring all your medical records with you from your previous care provider.
  • Review criteria: 
    • Depending the mother’s age a risk analysis will have to be conducted
    • Mother’s BMI will be evaluated
    • Mothers medical history will be reviewed
    • How far along in the pregnancy is the mother and has she already been for antenatal visits?


Independent Midwive(s)
Ana Frawley 0832396454
Connie Nyabara 0823014868
Daisy Kgokane 0739074693
Deidre Nel 0724617867
Dikeledi Mhlanga 0722662842
Elrika Knoetze 0825836915
Ester Naude 0827433625
Gail de Vos 0828555684
Juriet Nieuwoudt 0849739816
Karen van der Merwe 0823357731
Lilo Mthembu 0812348804
Lindsay van der Walt 0835011424
Lore Claessens 0769709923
Marie van Heerden 0833873144
Marilyn Sher 0832685422
Nombulelo Ndlovu 0833901001
Ntombi Mchunu 0729496058
Phindi Mashinini 0849107730
Ruwaida Moola 0827847949
Sally Chuma 0832161489
Sarah Jones 0825836915
Sharon Marsay 0828533445
Sthe Nsele 0791726135
Sue Cohen 0825599911
Thando Mpofu 0737059746
Verina Song 0623736939
Veronica Park 0833884424
Victoria Black 0727569746
Xoli Makabani 0826677947
Midwife-led Perinatal Psychosocial Support
Mr Sphiwe Masondo Psychiatric Nurse & Accoucheur

0817445367 After Hours
0670623028 Reception

Dr Bopape – Chinyanga 0662511559 / 0115449812
Dr Nonhlanhla Sikakane 0116228470 Life Bedford Gardens Hospital
0115449808 Genesis Maternity Clinic
Dr Welekazi Dlakavu 0117772083 Olivedale Clinic
0115449808 Genesis Maternity Clinic
Dr Joseph Kinunu 0115449808 Genesis Maternity Clinic
Dr Tom Mokaya 0112572155 Sandton Mediclinic
Dr Rafik Mia 0118300663 Garden City
0115449808 Genesis Maternity Clinic
Dr Sylvian Kalonji 0115449808 Genesis Maternity Clinic
0119221141 Arwyp Medical Centre
Well Baby Clinic
Sr Nombulelo Ndlovu 0115449812 / 0662511559
Maryke Killian 0711540223
Rivadh Singh Physiotherapy 0832764482
Mohini Magan Womens Health Physiotherapy Services 0723750626
Audiology – new-born hearing screening
Dr Tami Mehl Audiology 0116226314
Dr Susan Goslett 0828963552
Dr Candice Barnard 0820956010
Doula services
Chrissie Smit-Schuler 0835569251
Elizabeth Friedman 0836644113
Tamryn Schmahl 0763603724
Katrina Meek 0837900123
Philile Nxumalo 0736945654
Bianca van der Merwe 061547020
Maggie Moller 0641694887
Tsholo Bless 0837127378
Laurette C Brand 0829468803
Juanita du Plessis 0664723785
Jessica Goussard 0834177295
Theoni Papoutsis 0832293253
Tertia Alkema 0617781327
Shannon Roach 0825836915
Anina Pretorius 0730856645
Corlea Swanepoel 0844608089
Ana Cardoso 0664937744
Dina Kanjee 0723382039
Lactation Consulting
Tsholo Bless 0837127378
Ante-natal classes
Mother Instinct
Tertia Alkema
Into The Light (ZOOM)
Marie van Heerden

Yoga classes
Yoga Mama
Dina Kanjee
Mom and Baby Yoga
Theoni Papoutsis
Hypnobirthing classes
Confident Hypnobirthing
Theoni Papoutsis
Shakti Births – Hypnobirthing
Tamryn Schmahl
First Aid/CPR classes
Survival CPR 0828961820


Contact us

Clinic Manager

Dr Alet Rheeder

Physical address

5 Northwold Drive
Corner of Jan Smuts and Northwold

GPS Coordinates

-26.15809 : 28.033773






Genesis Maternity Clinic